Two Artists for One Chef

A shared Story

“What Torino lacks is a restaurant like Barcelona’s “Tickets", an example of high catering accessible to everyone, fun and informal at the same time”. This was Bob Noto’s concern when in 2014 the renown food critic shared his intuition with the Lavazza family and Ferran Adrià. It is from that encounter that the Condividere restaurant came to life: a homage to refined taste, elegance, and sharing. Today, Federico Zanasi is the chef and the undisputed core of Condividere.

Ferran Adrià is the inspiration and the mind, Dante Ferretti shapes the spaces and the evocative scenography, Federico Zanasi is the conductor. The heart of Condividere is this magnificent triad: two artists and a great chef.

Our historical Centrale

Condividere is located in the charming former power plant built in 1897 by the Turin engineer Ermenegildo Perini, completely renovated to house the restaurant and a large event space.

The arrival of the Star

After the 3 hats from the Espresso Guide in 2019, much to the whole team’s delight in 2020 comes the arrival of the first Michelin Star, confirmed to date. But recognitions do not end here: Condividere is also Restaurant of the Year for the “I Cento” Guide, and receives a Recommendation from the OAD list.