Location and Environments

The interior design of the restaurant is by Oscar-winning production designer Dante Ferretti, who has worked with Fellini, Scorsese and Tim Burton, among many other cinema icons.

Condividere is more than a place where people go to enjoy food. It’s a dreamlike film set, a welcoming theatre, an urban environment shining with rich colours. It is a space for you to feel comfortable in, where you can discover both exquisite cuisine and the pleasure of being with others.

“My job is to invent dreams”

Production Designer

A number of different styles coexist within the space: from the industrial style conveyed by pipes and cogs, to the cartoon-like graffiti, by way of the industrial materials enriched by metal lace, which create complex baroque patterns with echoes of the Middle East.

A dream to be shared.

The stunning visual effects are amplified by the clock wall, maestro Ferretti’s tribute to the most treasured value of the Twenty-first Century: Time.

After dinner you will be able to enjoy the charming outdoor garden area facing the Nuvola Lavazza Square or in the romantic gazebo.